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The Music of Roger9000 is the fusing of Deep Meditation with Based Electronics and a Roller Coaster Ride of visuals all wrapped up into the the Mythology and Cycles of the Time chain, Satoshi and Bitcoin. Rooted in the classical, this music is a welding of ancient and modern textures which results in a sonically experimental sound that needs to be witnessed live to be truly experienced.


The 'Bit Choc Rocks' Bitcoin Chocolate Making Workshop

Roger9000 and the 'Bit Choc Rocks' Chocolate Making Workshop is an immersive experience of the creative process. It's about the Duality of life and how the process of making chocolate is the realisation of this unification of opposites as expressed by the ancient language of Alchemy. It's about the Mythology of both Bitcoin and Cacao and how they bring Balance to humanity on both the level of society, and for the individual. It's also about the Acceptance, Affirmation and Self Love that is produced by both Bitcoin and Cacao, physically, and metaphysically. This is a Bitcoin Chocolate Making Workshop about making the best frikken Bitcoin Chocolate you've ever tasted


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