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⚡️₿IT Choc Rocks⚡️


The process of making your chocolate is the process of pouring yourself into the food. In this creation process, it is the self love you have that is being poured into the food and this is what in turn nourishes your body and nourishes your soul. This is a purification process, because in fact it is a part of you that you are consuming. This is the reflection of the self. This is the identification of the self, the acceptance of the self, and actually the medicine for the self. The process of making chocolate is therapeutic and healing for these reasons. Modern science is only now proving what Ancient peoples of the Mesoamerican civilisations have known for millennia, that cacao and the collective consumption of chocolate produces happiness, bliss and balance. This is the balance that comes with making your own food and the connection we need as humans to the food we consume 

Bitcoin and Cacao balance the human condition in the same way. Bitcoin offers the same reflection, identification, acceptance and ultimately the same self love as cacao. The power of your private keys enables you to have freedom of choice and freedom of expression and the power to identify and accept yourself. You are your private keys, and you are your Bitcoin. When you consume your Bitcoin, you consume yourself, so that a part of you dies to yourself and at the same time you nourish yourself. This is the fountain of youth - infinite cycle of life and death ( the Ouroboros ) Balance and acceptance is what lies under the surface of both Bitcoin and Cacao, and is truly what we aim to explore in the
Bit Choc Rocks Chocolate Workshop

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