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ROGER 9000

Roger 9000 is a film that is still being created and is looking for financial help to finish the project. 
If you would like to donate please get in touch here at and your details will be added to the film credits. Your help would be much appreciated !
Thanks 🧡🙏🧡


BItcoin only


This is the story of Roger's journey as an artist.

It's a story of self development, self discovery, and self re-evaluation.

Roger's initial exit from the music industry is a real learning curve, which marks the begin of his courage and confidence as an artist, but also in his ability to understand the world around him.

Through recognising the problems with the music industry Roger recognises that these

problems are developing everywhere in society, and that fundamentally, the problem is based in the money. It’s the money that’s broken, and through technology the money can be fixed 

Bitcoin fixes the money, cause it fixes Roger’s relationship with money. It teaches him about independence, and self sovereignty and about low time preference 

Bitcoin teaches Roger to re-evaluate what value really is for himself 

it saves Roger as an artist, because it gives him the tools to save himself 

This is the true inspiration Roger is looking for 

Bitcoin informs Roger as an artist, gives him a sense of identity, 

and enables him to find his path in music and ultimately in life itself


‘Bitcoin is the gold within you, its the music’

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